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Open Course "OpenCourseWare"



For the record...

This is no "real" Open Course, but we tried to put the content that we present at conferences in a different way from what we are used to. So no dull and ordinary powerpoint, but a lively step-by-step Open Course, constituted by Modules that you can take in the offered order, or that you can take seperately depending on your interest. 




This course consists of 5 Modules, each divides into several parts:

  • an introduction: this page introduces you in the content of the module
  • a presentation: this can be a powerpointpresentation (potentially with sound) or in some cases a recorded weblecture 
  • other open educational resources: texts, images, other interesting websites

Learning outcome

This Open Course "OpenCourseWare" offers you a basic insight in what OpenCourseWare is to us at KU Leuven and why we started with OpenCourseWare. By going through this Open Course, we want to show you what an Open Course at KU Leuven concretely looks like.

After you have completed the Open Course, you'll understand why we love OpenCourseWare, and we hope we can convince you of the added value of OCW. Click here to have a look at the detailed learning goals of this course.

Target group

This course aims at anyone who is interested in OpenCourseWare at KU Leuven or in general. There are no specific prior knowledge or experiences required.

This course is especially interesting for the attendees of the conferences we are presenting at (whether it is a real live, virtual or poster presentation) and who want to know more about or have a look at OpenCourseWare KU Leuven.



At the end of this Open Course "OpenCourseWare" there is a self evaluation where you can check whether you meet the learning outcome of the course. After you completed all the questions and after having pressed the "Send" button, you are able to see the correct answers on the questions of the test.



This Open Course "OpenCourseWare" is designed by Prof. Dr. Fred Truyen, Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim Van Petegem, and Ms. Stephanie Verbeken, who are the OpenCourseWare team at KU Leuven. If you wish to contact us, don't hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us by using this contact form.

What's next?

If you want more information about the course and if you want to know how to take it, we refer you to the page Course Information and the Study Guide. If you feel like taking the Open Course immediately, you can start by clicking here to start with Module 1


We hope you'll have a lot of fun taking this Open Course! Good luck!